Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Oido lighthouse adventure!

I have been a little busy as of late which is why my postings have been fewer than normal. I have taken on an overtime position teaching for two extra hours a day, however, recently the administration decided that teachers had entirely too many preparation hours and decided to cut them. Obviously we are dealing with long-term planners, and education experts! To hell with preparing! Who needs to prepare for a class? The result has been that my head has twisted a full 180 degrees to face the wrong direction, I now gallop like a gorilla, if that's what gorillas do and woot like an owl. Well maybe it hasn't gotten that bad, but I do actually have a twitch in my eye and if things don't improve, I might turn into a crazed gorilla monstrosity.

So the entire intention of this intro was explain why this post about an experience last March is being written at the begining of June. And really, it isn't an excuse because it is months late and not just a week late. But if I can get you to feel sorry for poor little nessa having to deal with the crazies in Korea, then maybe no one will notice how late this post really is. Hows my plan working?

Onto the story: Except that there isn't too much of a story...

One day Kyle and Vanessa woke up very very early on a Saturday. They were taking a photography class and had to catch a taxi to the subway, switch trains three times before arriving at their destination three hours later. Vanessa and Kyle, not being morning people were non too pleased about this arrangement, but for photography lessons, they were willing to give up sleeping in for a few Saturdays in March.

I warned you it wasn't much of a story...

So one Saturday, we had made plans to meet up with a meetup group and some friends in Ansan to visit the *FAMOUS* Oido light house. (It isn't really famous, I'm being ironical ;) ) We met up with the folks, got on a bus to a random, and honestly pretty crappy museum, wandered around this sad attempt at a gathering of art and then headed out towards the light house.

We wanted to make it before sunset because it was supposed to be the best time of day to see it. We timed it perfectly, except for the transportation. You see, I knew what bus to get on, but we got on this local bus in the wrong location and ended up traveling around half the city. It was so past dusk when we finally arrived at the lighthouse, I could hardly see my hands in front of my face. Roman candles were for sale at the lighthouse, but unfortunatly the light house itself, which we had traveled litterally hours to see was closed.

For dinner, there were tons of restraunts along the beach front and as far as I could tell, they all served the exact same overly expensive clam bake. After paying what I consider outrageous prices for these slimy critters to sizzle and pop on an open flame, I have decided, I ain't a fan. Nope, I don't like the texture, or the bits of sand that are sometimes still ingrained. And to be perfectly honest, the flavor pretty much doesn't agree with my tongue either.

We had fun though, which is what counts. Despite the failed attempt at seeing the lighthouse, while open and at sunset, and besides what I considered a not so great meal, we had fun seeing friends and hanging out. All in all, it was a successful trip!

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