Friday, May 21, 2010

Snap Photography class 2

Our second photography lesson took place mid march. The weather had been warming up and and we had begun to shed layers. In order to get to our lesson in Seoul, Kyle and I had to wake up at 8am, catch a taxi by 8:35, get on the subway for hours and arrive to our lesson in Seoul by 11am. As you can imagine, we were generally running behind schedule and this day didn't think the weather would be turning down the dial so rapidly. It was near freezing all day long, and guess who didn't dress appropriately? That is right, neither of us did. The lesson was an outdoor shoot. We froze our tushes off. And let me tell you, I am not a fan of taking pictures when my hands turn blue in order to hold the camera. It just doesn't put me in the mood for shooting. So the results are a half-way attempt at candid shots of Koreans walking down one of the hip shopping districts in Seoul. The trick is to zoom your camera lens in all the way (if you have a normal kit lens), hold the camera length ways at your belly button and cut in front of them as they walk. Most people don't notice that you are taking their picture, some do though. I was shy at first and not all that skilled. Practice makes better but I am far from perfect yet at honing this technique. Here are some of the better shots, but really I'm not that impressed with any of them. Like I said, it will take lots and lots of practice :)

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kay said...

Your new page is beautiful!! I think the pictures are very professional! Do you guys know of the photographer Art Wolfe? We watched a special of his and were blown away! Check out his page:
L&M U both,