Friday, May 14, 2010

English Village Tour

We took this video footage some time ago. As you can see in the video the ground is covered in the white fluffy stuff. And although Spring has yet to have many warm days, we haven't had snow in at least over a month. I have been wanting to post this video for a while as my friends and family (mostly immediate family, not mentioning any names Mom) have been bugging us to see what the school looks like. Kyle was in charge of completing the video and as we all know, "wife's to do lists" are not always first priority when video games are factored in.

So as most people know, we work in South Korea. But about three years ago, the government of Korea decided that what the country was lacking was English Villages. Camps where students of all ages could attend to learn English from native English speakers. They endeavored to construct a campus that truly encompassed the English language spirit so a replica of colonial Virgina was constructed. The end result is a campus of red and white brick which stands out in Korea like a purple alien finger. In my humble opinion, the campus is gorgeous and the surroundings are utterly breathtaking especially now that the trees are budding leaves and are no longer deathly brown. The government did cut corners however in parts of its construction and during the rainy season waterfalls can be found in doors along the walls.

In the video, I talk about how there are discrepancies in this American village displaced to South Korea. However after reviewing it last night I realize that I made a mistake in the video. As I am looking at the beef eater statue (the current British guard for the Palace) I refer to him as a redcoat which is what I think they were going for with the militia man in a red coat, but obviously that was not their costume in colonial Virgina. I hope you enjoy our snow covered tour.

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sharon said...

I love it! It is really beautiful! Thank you.

Your Mama.