Monday, February 15, 2010

Only in Korea part 2 (The Golden Beauty)

We decided to purchase a phone. I refused to spend the money on one last year, however this year, I have less access to internet, and feel disconnected from my friends in other parts of the city. It is the best way for us to stay in contact in this massive city.

Our search for the perfect used phone began and ended in the first shop, in the Ansan subway stop. One might say it was love at first sight for its ugliness was matched by no other. The gold plating, and ornate swirls covering its surface only appealed to us more. It was the ultimate bling phone, one that might be either seen in the antique purse of a 90 year old eccentric grandmother or a bona fide gangsta. One that was sure never to grace the American market, making it that much more of a diamond in the rough. We have lovingly nicknamed it “The Golden Beauty,” as those are the words etched in gold next to the “24 carrot gold plated” statement. We are about 99% positive that this claim is a blatant lie, but we love it all the more for its deceitfulness.

Only later did we discover its incredibly cheesy ring tone and alarm options. Watch below for a demonstration. ( you might click to watch the real youtube version because at least on my computer Kyle's face is nearly dissected which is not the case in the real video.


Rachael said...

ok now here straight up tell you what: yo bling phone is word up outta sight. Don't be flashing it around hee-ya, cuz I will be nipping that sucka right from your finger tippy tip tips.


The Houstons said...

this is toooo funny.toooooo funny.

Oh man..I cant even imagine what Jon would have picked out...