Sunday, February 07, 2010


Meditative stream of consciousness:

Ok, we can do this. I can do this. Left leg up in the lotus position. Which way do my hands go again? Left over right or right over left? Let’s go with right over left because it is the opposite of my legs. Back straight. He said there should be a curve in my back, almost as if my back was pushing my belly button out. Ouch. That’s gonna be a hard position to keep for an hour. My back is not used to being so straight.

Ok, off to a good start. I am in the proper meditation stance. Clear the mind. Clear my mind. Stop thinking. Focus on the Hwa-du; “Mount Sumeru”

A student asked Venerable Master Yun-Men (d.949)

Not even a thought has arisen, is there still a sin or not?

Master said;

Mount Sumeru!

When thought arises, sin also arises. If no thought arises, there should be no kind of sin or error. But why did the Master say that sin, that is, error, is as big as Mount Sumeru?

According to string theory there are multiple universes. So many in fact, that our universe has been compared to a tiny spec of sand in the Ganges River. Mount Sumeru is the name for all of the universes combined at least in Buddism.

Does it mean I’m stupid if I don’t understand the question? He said not to focus on the word sin, sin in this instance is more like mistake.

Is that Kyle’s stomach growling. Wow, it is so loud. I wonder if anyone else heard it?

My eyes are getting heavy. I wonder how long I have been sitting here already. Stop it. Focus. Mount Sumeru, Mount Sumeru, Mount Sumeru.

What just happened? Did I nod off for a second. Focus Vanessa focus. It’s just so hard to focus when all I want to do is sleep though. That hike this afternoon was really hard. It’s nap time. How do these monks sit here for an entire hour?

Wow, I’m impressed with Kyle. Normally he is so fidgety. He hasn’t exactly stopped, but he is more still than normal. There is his stomach rumbling again.

Clear my mind. I know, I will repeat the words in the Hwa-du. Maybe I will focus better that way. Hwa-du, Hwa-du, hwa-du, hwa-du.

How much longer? I’ve got to move my legs.

Hwa-du, hwa-du.

The lady next to me has one leg laying out straight. It must be okay. One leg out. Oh so much better. It is harder to sit up like this. Back straight Vanessa.

Mount Sumeru. Mount Sumeru. Mount Sumeru. Mount Sumeru. Clear my mind of thoughts. Mount Sumeru, Mount Sumeru.

I hope dinner is better than lunch. Lunch wasn’t bad, just VERY KOREAN. Focus!!

A student. A student. Concentrate on saying the words with my breathing. A student. A student.

How do the monks sit like this for an entire hour. What am I doing wrong? The master said if you are focused one hour feels like five minutes. If you aren’t focused it can feel like five years. I guess I am in the second category.

Ahh. What was that loud clapping noise. Is the torture over? Everyone seems to be stretching. That feels so good. Now we’re standing up. And walking in a circle. I like this part. (glancing at the clock) We have an entire hour more. It’s okay. I think I am getting better. I can do it. I can meditate. Let’s just hope I don’t start snoring this time though.

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sharon said...

Funny! Great stream of consciousness. It never ceases to amaze me though what different people insist is the true way to meditate. An interesting man at Harvard did some research on that, bringing people expert in the different branches of meditation into the lab and hooking them up to modern machinery to monitor their brain waves, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. All the physiological responses that are changed by meditation. Different brands of meditators say, "you must sit in this position or that". Not true, according to research. A comfortable position which you determine yourself is best. Interesting book--called the Relaxation Response. Meditation is good.

Your Mama