Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Guess who almost has a VISA!!??

That's right... ME!!!

Monday 8:45 am- Phone alarm goes off. We press every button we can think of to make the darn thing stop making noises.

8:50- We grudgingly roll off of our air mattress. Luckily the air mattress is on the floor, and during the night looses a significant amount of air, so it isn't a far fall.

9:15- We are ready to go to Uncle Tim's dentist appointment. (Just in case you missed it, we are awaiting our departure in Houston with uncle Tim who has graciously let us squat at his place until our flight Monday morning. And why are we leaving from Houston? click here) Tim, being only one person has only ONE car. Go figure he would just have an extra car laying in wait for unexpected guests. Which means we have to share. Luckily, Kyle and I, despite being only children, are generally good sharers.

10:45 We drop Tim off at school (he is a vice principal) and contact ON STAR for directions to the Korean Consulate. On Star is awesome ya'll! You tell them where you are going and they get you there. And all I can say is that we would have been SCREWED had we not had on star to guide us through this labyrinth city among the deranged Houston drivers. Four or five highways later, we were at our destination.

12:15 I walk in victorious. I am told everyone is out to lunch and to come back in 45 min. The raging storm brews and had it not been for my calming husband, it might have blown out and made a mess of that consulate. Kyle took my hand, said thank you to "the messenger" and guided me out of the office.

12:20 We go to the Galaria to eat lunch and waste 45 min.

1:45 Back at the Consulate, I'm asked "where is your sealed transcript?"
"What!?" I ask "Oh D@#$ #$### #@@@%!" As the wooshing of gusts from that storm within begin swirling around the office.
"I'll be back, we left it at the house." I say calmly hiding my vehemence behind a mask of serenity.

Yes, evidently, I am that stupid.
Dear Brain,




Brain's response:

We drove back to Tim's house and were back in the car by 3:10 headed back to the consulate. This mistake cost us over an extra hour and a half of driving time in Houston traffic. Not a mistake I should have made, but I did, and we paid for it in sanity.

At least it is complete. They said it should be ready for pick up today at 4pm. Cross your fingers.

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