Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things I might not have mentioned....

After 2 weeks and some in West Texas with my grandmother, we have finally come to the end of a never ending string of doctors appointments. AND have an OKay to go to San Antonio! Yippee!! Which means, we will be crammed in the car tomorrow on the four hundred mile drive, with:
an oxygen machine (think big)
bags upon bags of our goodwill goodies
recycling that isn't accepted here in Lubbock
and enough oxygen tanks to create a crater here in Lubbock
not to mention people- we, including Grandmother, has to somehow fit in in or Toyota Camry

I might worry about not having enough air to breathe in the car with all of our stuff, but Grandmother has plenty of oxygen to go around.

I don't think I mentioned before on the blog, that Kyle and I drove to Lubbock to stay with Grandmother after she got out of the hospital. Our jobs: to help the patient out with whatever she needed done.

Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the mounds of dishes we let pile up (until we didn't have any forks left).

Our official title is; chauffeurs with pizazz! Thank you very much!

But as of tomorrow, we are on Christmas break, and we are so excited to be going home. Many of our friends will be in town, and our time here in the states is quickly coming to an end. That's right folks, we have jobs in S. Korea. We will drive home, pack, have Christmas festivities with my Mom's side of the fam.
Drive to the coast.
Have Christmas festivities with Kyle's mom's side of the fam.
Drive to Houston
More Christmas festivities. We might look like Santa and Mrs. Claus by the time we leave Houston.

And then... (we leave on the 2nd of January!)

By the time we get to Houston, our heads (not to mention stomachs) will be so full of sugar plums and chocolate mint, I am not sure we will have room for any more Christmas delights.

What am I talking about, there is always room for more Christmas delight!

So Look out Christmas fun, here come the Rogers!


Stephanie said...

YAY! So excited you guys are going to Korea!!! How exciting! I really hope you have a great holidays with your family!!!

Rick said...

Your grandmother is blessed to have such a caring grand daughter.

Kimberlina!! said...

You're going back to South Korea?? Yippee!!!