Wednesday, December 09, 2009


My husband more than myself, enjoys a trip to a thrift store. He loves the sorting, the scourging, the endless hours of finding nothing, only to find that one valuable item. For me, the search is tiring and usually a barren pursuit. The act of rummaging through old things proves only to pain my feet and lower back, rather than create a since of accomplishment when that small treasure has been found. But perhaps, I carried this despondent feeling with me because I had never found true treasure before. This time however, I followed the rainbow with a copious golden harvest at the end of the colorful arch. I have yet to sit down to calculate exactly what was excavated from the rubble of Goodwill, but $120 later, I feel like I have a new wardrobe! I left the musky smelling store floating on a cloud of euphoria. Although, I typically don't enjoy the chase of treasure, I DO LOVE a good deal, and with nothing over $5, I do believe I found some AMAZING deals; Dresses, skirts, spaghetti strap shirts, sweaters, cute tees, work out shirts, pajama pants and long sleeve shirts for work. Most of the clothes I purchased looked brand new. Some even still had tags still attached. I can't wait for my next trip to this gold chest Goodwill only found here in West Texas. I need to save up for our next trip.

I know that ya'll are dying to see what all what all we bought. So without further adieu, I bring you the Rogers Fashion show from Goodwill. (Keep in mind, this is only a sampling as we did not want to spend all day taking pictures of our new clothes)

The t-shirt with butterflies and the black mini sweater.

What a cute, simple summer dress!

The black poka-dot spaghetti strap and the pink sweater are perfect for spring.

What can I say, I love this dress.

This dress is more like a mu-mu, but it is soooo comfy.

Kyle calls these pants pirate pants, and although they are actually girl pj's we are keeping that a secret :)

Long sleeve work out shirt, sexy!

Work shirts are always a plus.

A new fleece, Yay!!

I hope you have enjoyed our fashion show, as much as we enjoyed the shopping. And if you ever find yourself in Lubbock, take thyself straight to the Goodwill, you wont regret it!


Karen said...

Great finds! I love that black and pink jersey dress!

Sometimes you can find the best stuff at TJ Maxx/Goodwill/whatever... you don't have to worry about other people wearing the exact same thing!

prashant said...

love that black and pink jersey dress!

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