Friday, June 14, 2013

The last semester nearly killed me

Classes began, teachers were kind, I had high hopes for an easier semester. I was wrong. I was so wrong, there isn't really even an analogy to capture the wrongness of my assumption. It wasn't really my classes that killed me, because although they were challenging they were manageable. It was overwhelming number of things needing attention. 1) find an international internship for the summer. 2) find a job, one in which money is exchanged. 3) Compete in Free Trade Alliance business plan competition.  There was more, there must of been more, but at this point, my brain has stopped functioning. No one explained that brain malfunction would be a side-effect of grad school, nor did they illiterate the draining of energy that may or may not ever return. Grad school is a vampire! But instead of drinking blood, it feeds on brain power and energy, both of which have been fully depleted. I'm running on fumes at this point, my reservoirs are  nearly completely sapped and somehow I'm supposed to produce magnificent products. How, I ask, can I do that without a functioning brain??

So for now I'm an intern. An unpaid intern at that.
Mondays- I work for Hemisphere planning development department. 
Tuesdays-Thursday- I work for the Economic Development Department (EDD). Check out the blog I'm helping contribute to. Make comments! They'll love me if people make comments!
Friday- I work as a lab monitor at UTSA and a TA for a class I've never taken, trying to help students in a program, I don't know how to use. Ahhhh!!!  But I'm paid, $11/hour. Yea baby! I'm rolling in the doe!
My extra time, I'll be spending applying for jobs.
The weekends are mine... I think.... At least in my mind. I plan to do a lot of sleeping. A LOT!

Did I mention that I went to Costa Rica? That'll have to be another post. Okay. I'm off.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it: Go read my post at the EDD, make comments, share the blog, make me look good.

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