Monday, April 30, 2012

Home at last

We've arrived home in San Antonio Texas finally. It's been a long amazing journey and we're ecstatic to be home. I didn't intend to give up my blogging while traveling but thought I'd be remiss to focus on blogging while I was out seeing the world. There was so much to eat, see, smell, touch and experience, and I kept trying to find time blog instead of experiencing all that our travels had to offer.

For the time being, we are living with my mother and grandmother.  The house is not fully moved into, and so we plan to spend much of our days, trying to transform the house into a livable space rather than a box-occupied disaster, but I must say, organizing is not a strong suite of mine, and the whole process is more than a little overwhelming.

Figuring out what to do with all of our junk!!
 June 4th, I will begin classes for an international masters of business at the University of Texas at San Antonio. While Kyle has plans of his own which deserve an entire post onto itself.  Although our traveling has come to a temporary halt, and we have stopped moving from city to city and are actually settling into the same bed for at least a year, our adventure is far from over. In fact this journey is just the beginning and I hope its shaping up to be just as amazing.
My mom's new house

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Peter and Leslie said...

The new house looks great! Looks like there's a lot of room! We'll be in town in a few weeks over memorial day weekend. Looking forward to seeing you!