Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Curry

We've discovered something quite remarkable at our foreign food market.  It began with a simple glance across the aisle, a closer look, an impulsive buy, and it was love at first taste. These Asian Home Gourmet packets are a fantastic way to make a simple dinner into a gourmet meal!  We've tried both the Green Curry and the Red Curry.  The Green curry was our favorite, but the red curry was pretty darn good as well.  There are lots of different flavors, different strokes for different folks. I feel like an infomerical right now, but they really are worth a try.  If your looking for a yummy nutritious meal (well, in actuality you make it nutritious by adding veggies so the nutritious part is up to you) that is REALLY simple to make-like cut it up, and throw it in, and you like Asian food, pick one of these handy packets up today! (How am I doing as an advertisement? I agree. They should hire me) 

You also might have noticed the BRIGHT purple things in the pictures.  Those aren't altered.  Those are truly purple sweet potatoes.  No joke.  They taste pretty average, maybe a tad sweeter than your average sweet potato, but not by much.  I will miss these pretty sweet potatoes when we go back home.
Everything in, ready to stir.  We added faux crab as our meat.

Kyle's giving his thumbs up!  See the friendship bracelet he's wearing?  He's so funny.

A closer look at what the packet looks like without its head.

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