Friday, October 03, 2008

And the winner is....

The challenge was, who could give the best caption to this photo. 12 people responded including 4 that emailed me responses rather than writing in the comment box. I have included those four down below. I was really impressed with some of the answers. They were all really creative and funny. But there can only be one winner, drum roll please.... dddddddddd, Kate with the E! Style watch! The prize, although lame, will be a postcard :)! Thank you to all who participated!
Other captions:
Ugly clothes: what you have to put on when your mom gets cold. –Ashton

E! Style Watch
Johnny Cash was spotted vacationing in Lima, Peru earlier this week
wearing a leather jacket, pants and shoes in his signature color. His
travel companion however livened things up with a colorful little
number by Marc Jacobs. This matching poncho and beanie set comes fresh
off the catwalk from New York Fashion Week and is accessorized with
vintage Chanel sunglasses.—Kate

“I can’t believe they made me wear this in public.”

This dog shall be called "NAMELESS" because nobody would claim such a tacky dog who dresses funny. - My grandmother

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