Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Dinosaurio has entered the World

I am pleased to announce Pablo Felipe "Dinosaurio" has graced this world as of Friday July 27th. He was three kilos, which is about 6 lbs, and as hairy as a little monkey. He has lots of nicknames at this point including, monito (little monkey) because of his hairiness, yoda, because of his funny noises, and Dinosaurio because of how he looked in his sonogram. He is a very tranquilo child, who almost never crys, and looks around very seriously all of the time. So far his activity level is limited to sleeping, eating and pooping. Even the way he poops is adorable because of the way he scrunches up his face, and then afterwards makes an "O" face. The family would like to thank everybody for their gifts, they were really overwhelmed and thankful. I am including a couple of pictures and their will be more updates later, when he is a little more interesting!

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